CCG Model


Since this model was designed from over 30 years of practitioner work, all elements of the Conscious Culture Model are in YOUR control. We have the tools for you to efficiently and effectively influence and direct the culture in YOUR intended way.

  • The leadership team is tasked with design – determining the vision, mission, values and behaviors.
  • It is key to listen to employees through a culture survey and partner with employees to build a culture plan.
    The leadership team determines the development needed – manager training, leadership development and HR system reinforcement.
  • Sharing the employment brand is the method used by the leadership team to tell the culture story.
Russ Elliot, Founder and Principal, uses his 30 plus years of experience to partner with company leadership on customizing tools that target the culture shifts using objective data. The developed model came out of many years of leading culture efforts. Clients are able to move forward successfully without having to go through the trial and error experiences that often go with culture work. Success happens in an efficient and effective manner when utilizing the Conscious Culture™ model.