Coaching is an experiential and individualized leader development process that accelerates a leader’s capability to achieve short- and long-term organizational and personal goals.

Coaching services are facilitated through one-on-one interactions for a 6 to 12 month period, driven by data from multiple perspectives, and sustained through deep introspection and willingness to experiment with other ways of being. The whole person becomes part of the coaching experience in this “co-pilot” style.

Executive Coaching

This comprehensive coaching service is for CEOs, Heads of Organizations, and Senior Executives looking for an experienced executive coach with expertise in leadership and organizational life who can guide them through leadership growth opportunities, in total confidentiality. Numerous assessments are available to understand intended and unintended impact.

Client Results include:

✓ Develop leadership vision and authentic conscious leadership statements
✓ Determine team capabilities and development
✓ Create organizational strategy and implementation rollout plan
✓ Further executive presence and influence
✓ Move the needle on innovation
✓ Build trusted relationships with other executives

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is for managers, team leaders and high-potential professionals who want to develop and advance their leadership and managerial skills. 360 interviews and other assessments are available to develop coaching goals that are co-created with the leader’s manager.

Client results include:

✓ Ability to have more impactful, difficult conversations
✓ Integrate more accountability
✓ Manage conflict more effectively
✓ Build better relationship up, down and across
✓ Further empower staff
✓ Move from individual contributor to manager

Team Coaching

Team coaching is used for teams at all levels that want to deepen trust, address conflict more constructively and create commitments that lead to improved results.

Leadership Teams

Team assessments and interviews are used as a baseline for understanding what is working and improvement opportunities. We will facilitate the desired changes needed to level up the trust, competence and confidence of the team.

Culture Teams

Working with the team that drives the organizational culture to ensure targets are clear and action plans are making a difference in achieving the leadership’s desire of culture.

Partial Client List:

Success Stories

“I had a great experience being coached. I was pushed towards my goals, and my coach kept me honest on the actions and changes needed from me.”

– Director of Engineering at Cisco

“My coach helped to reflect in order to find my purpose as a leader and as a human being as well. He showed me the path to develop a realistic and effective plan to grow professionally based on my strengths and weaknesses.”

– Customer Support Leader at SAP

“[Having an executive coach] has been an overwhelmingly positive experience for me. It was about maximizing the value of what I can do and what I do well.”

– VP at Salesforce

“Coaching allowed me to bring my authentic voice to leadership. I am a more capable, confident, and considerate leader.”

– Strategic Sales Leader at WePay


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