Best Places To WorkCulture matters. Fortune magazine recently published their article and list of 2016 Best Small and Medium-sized Companies to Work For. They conclude that “these companies prove the truth of the adage ‘Culture easts strategy for breakfast’.

When I headed the HR function as the HR Director and we received Best Places recognition, employees were excited to receive the recognition of what they knew and it also helped us attract the talent we were seeking.

So what made these companies so exceptional? Here are some highlights of what landed them a spot among the Best Places to Work in 2016:

  • View their mission as challenging and important
  • Devoted to its core values
  • Belief in the company’s mission
  • Management cares about the thoughts, ideas and feelings of all employees
  • An idea-generating culture
  • Very transparent about goals
  • Everyone has a high degree of independence
  • Honest mistakes aren’t punished
  • Lot of smart people but no egos
  • They will help us get to where we want to go
  • Companies commitment to fully understanding the culture and organization
  • Workers feel valued
  • Recruiters protect the culture through hiring
  • Allow everyone to voice their opinion
  • Staff feels a part of a great team
  • Collaboration and communication get high marks

All of these ideas seem to make sense, but they are not easy to implement. There is no quick or easy path to creating a conscious intentional culture. It is more like steering a ship than turning a speed boat. The Conscious Culture Model gives you the guidance needed to further clarify and support the intention of your organization.  Feel free to reach out to us at the Conscious Culture Group® with any questions or recommendations on how you can enhance and develop your own conscious culture™.

Russ Elliot

Founder and Chief Consultant
Conscious Culture Group®

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