Employee focus groupToo often, organizations rely solely on culture surveys to understand the employee experience. Although there is great benefit to a customized culture survey that is designed for your unique culture, it is also vital to take a deeper dive into the employee experience with an employee focus group.

An employee focus group, usually composed of 10 -12 employees without the manager, works best when facilitated by an outside consultant like a member of the Conscious Culture Group®. Using an experienced consultant allows the staff to feel that what they share will be divulged in ideas only, without any reveal on who offered the ideas.

After meeting with all of the groups, the leadership team receives a summary report sharing truthful and insightful patterns that speak to two most common questions: “What is working?” and “How can we improve?”

Offering the opportunity for employees to speak in a focus group is the first of a two-step process. You must utilize the information provided from the focus group if you are to move forward. If you do not act on the insights offered by the staff, you will have taken one step forward, only to take two steps back.

Ensure the results of the focus group work is communicated with visible, effective follow-up. Step two will lead to culture co-creation by the leaders and employees.

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