Many people today are feeling impacted by conscious and unconscious stress as a result of events surrounding the coronavirus outbreak. COVID-19 has brought many unprecedented changes to our everyday lifestyles and work environments. Understandably, these rapid changes have not been easy for many individuals to quickly adapt to.

During a coaching call with an executive, I realized a new experience that many are going through while working from home during these uncertain times. I noticed that the executive’s husband was walking back and forth with a newborn in his arms in the background of the video call. Meanwhile, her task was to stay focused on our conversation. It was so sweet to see and brought to my attention her lifestyle changes. There is no question that life is more complicated for her today than it was in January.

Yes, we can all be tough and “figure it out”. However, you do not need to be alone on this journey. This time of unchartered waters is the best time to reach out to get support and guidance from an executive coach. Ask for and benefit from the professional support you need to lead in these challenging times.

Here are the top 5 reasons why executive coaching is critical for all leaders now:

1. Everything happening right now is new.

Like the coaching call with the mom/executive now working from home full time with her newborn and Dad, this is a sudden, unprecedented time. There is no other comparison to any other period of time that requires us to simultaneously adjust to many environmental changes. Without processing it, worry, fear and stress will build up.

Executive coaching is a space to talk to someone who is neutral and supportive, allowing the opportunity to step back and reflect on all of the elements impacting your world. Take the time to communicate and process all of this new information so that you can function in the best way possible.

2. Your team can read you.

People have an innate ability to read others through their tone of voice, facial expressions, body posture and choice of words. Executive coaching allows you to slow down and stay calm when addressing your team. This allows for an increased, thoughtful approach that will bring out your best self when it comes to being a leader, parent and spouse.

Our true self is most visible during a crisis. Use this time with a coach to be clear about who your best self is and further tap into all of your leadership desires. Great leaders make hard decisions by values and principles. Know your values and principles and lead your team with the best version of yourself.

3. Find your deeper capacity

When feeling overloaded with so many new situations that require unique ad-hoc solutions, our capacities can feel maxed. We have likely felt the bottom of that capacity whether it is due to the sheer amount of time we spend on video meetings or the demands of parenthood that was previously alleviated by school or childcare.

Everyone is experiencing the feeling of being tapped out. Executive coaching can help you recognize what is causing the capacity overload and what you can do to move forward one step at a time. It is a safe space to share and explore the real issues impacting you.

4. Invest in yourself

According to the Center for Creative Leadership, nearly all coachees (a whopping 98%) said that their coach “provided practical, realistic, and immediately usable input” in addition to helping them “identify specific behaviors that would help me achieve my goals.” Investing in coaching will pay off during the Covid-19 crisis and in the long term. The skills and changes you choose to make will become part of your leadership approach for many years.

If you desire more patience, kindness, reflection, executive presence, influence, collaboration, and compassion – executive coaching will help to develop these and many other traits that drive success. These possible outcomes of executive coaching will become deeply ingrained in the long term and help to define your leadership brand for many years to come. It takes an investment to become the full leader many are capable of becoming.

5. Business is not usual

There is a lot of buzz about the “new normal.” Some of my clients are holding their breath waiting for the old normal to return. Other clients are waiting to see what the new patterns of behavior will be. A third option is to step back and determine the best of what was and the best of what is.

Leaders have the opportunity to be two steps ahead, pivoting with new information and defining the best new normal. This is the time for deep assessment and thinking. Outline your leadership process and start to find and integrate the most insightful guiding principles. These will drive the future of work to the A.C era – After Corona. An executive coach can be your co-pilot in finding and determining the new normal.

Leadership may be hard to define, but in times of crisis, it is easy to identify. There is no greater time than now to use the many tools and techniques of executive coaching to further develop your leadership skills. Your team deserves to have a leader who is calm, thoughtful, empathetic and building team success in the near and long term. An executive coach can help guide you to shift from the fixed mindsets to one that is more powerful and effective than you can possibly imagine. As one client shared with me,

My executive coaching experience with Russ was transformational, both in the professional as well as the personal sphere. Russ brought a deep empathy to understand where I was coming from and what I wanted to achieve.

Offer yourself the gift of transformative growth and impact! And take good care of yourself and your loved ones.

Conscious Culture Group has a list of coaches that will help you identify and lead by your leadership vision. We customize coaching packages to meet the client’s needs. Receive a complimentary 30 minute “good fit” conversation by reaching out to Russ at [email protected]

Russ Elliot is the founder, chief consultant and executive coach of the Conscious Culture Group®, a culture consulting and executive coaching company focused on creating unique intentional cultures that are great places to work. The Conscious Culture Group® builds a bridge between the leadership’s vision and the employee experience through customized solutions. Russ serves as a consultant, executive coach, educator, trainer and speaker.

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