We are currently living in an extraordinary time with many uncertainties about the upcoming days and weeks. The COVID-19 pandemic is creating a notable impact on company teams across the globe.

Each individual has their own range of emotions and reactions surrounding their personal and professional lives. During times of crisis, leadership style becomes even more visible and every response should be made with strategic intentions.

Emotions are felt by others instantly

Whether you are communicating in person, over video or phone, your emotions are felt instantaneously. If you are upbeat or deep in fear, others will know it. If you find that you are stuck in fear, try some of the following methods to overcome.

You can get in touch with your feelings through meditation, counseling, opening up with others and/or coaching. During coaching sessions, a safe environment allows clients to fully express themselves. This allows a deeper understanding of what is causing the fear, moving them forward to a quicker resolution.

Recently with my executive coaching clients, there has been a focus on the opportunities to react and behave during a crisis. A crisis is a time to be your best self and tie it into your personal vision of leadership. It is the time to reflect on how you want to be seen under crisis, like looking at your leadership style from a rearview mirror, six months from now.

How do you want to be seen as a leader, 6 months from now?

Each person has their own personal conscious leadership vision and there may be similarities between leaders’ intentions. Here are some of my client’s reflections when considering how they want to be seen and remembered six months from now:

  • Listen deeply and empathize
  • Be compassionate
  • Create safety to discuss fears
  • Take care of my family
  • Be upbeat
  • Use fun and humor as often as possible
  • Understand impact varies across countries and communities
  • Be vulnerable by sharing personal challenges
  • Reset expectations and discuss them
  • Connect often
  • Ensure staff is not feeling alone
  • Stay collaborative
  • Help the helpless in and out of work

Do any of the above behaviors resonate with you? How do you want to be seen when looking back six months from now? What can you take from this list to help you create your vision of how you want to be during this unique time of crisis. Write it down. Share it with others.

Work with your directs to help them create their own list of how they want their leadership response to be interpreted. Use a coach to gain clarity quicker. Make conscious decisions today that will drive who you are and how you are seen that can also become more a part of your leadership style post-crisis.

Be the leader you desire to be and begin now on gaining clarity of your leadership behaviors and vision. This is the time! I’d love to hear from you and see your list.

Conscious Culture Group has a list of coaches that will help you identify and lead by your leadership vision. We customize coaching packages to meet the client’s needs. Receive a complimentary 30 minute “good fit” conversation by reaching out to me at [email protected]

Russ Elliot is the founder, chief consultant and executive coach of the Conscious Culture Group®, a culture consulting and executive coaching company focused on creating unique intentional cultures that are great places to work. The Conscious Culture Group® builds a bridge between the leadership’s vision and the employee experience through customized solutions. Russ serves as a consultant, executive coach, educator, trainer and speaker.

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