In case you have not seen the series Some Good News with John Krasinki, then I highly recommend watching all of the short episodes on YouTube. It is a much needed reminder of the good in people. Krasinki provides an uplifting perspective during a time when a majority of the news is focused on the negative.

During these trying times, another heartening message worth sharing comes from a brilliant Facebook post by a friend’s unnamed 21-year-old acquaintance. Here are some excerpts from the posting – I hope it inspires you the way it inspired me.

We as a collective are going through a breakthrough that has never happened the way it is now. Now more than ever it is so important to realize that these huge shifts that are happening, and are about to happen, are actually the beginning of something really amazing.

Maybe I am just a 21 year old girl and that might not be an expert —
But I do know this:
What you focus on grows. What you ask for, is given.
We asked for changes. I know we did. I know I did.
Look at what is being given—

Some of you have been dreading your jobs and are now forced to give them up and move into an entire new direction. You have the opportunity to respond to this with motivation. You have the opportunity to say yes to a working environment you like. Start something new ~

Some of you have been needing healing within your relationships, within your space you call home. The ‘quarantine’ is making you get face to face to the situation you might have avoided for too long and is giving you the chance to mend what might was bent. Focus on love and connection ~

Some of you have been begging for a break from the hectic times, from the day to day lives. Well this is it. This is your break. You are given time to reconnect to yourself, to your loved ones, your roommates. You are given time to sit in stillness, to start a project, to nurture and tend to your own space. You are given time to meditate, to reflect, to listen. Ask yourself— what is my vision for my future?

This is a reset. This is a clean slate. We can choose to respond to this with a feeling of gratitude instead of anxiety. Because it is what we asked for in some shape or form. Or maybe, it is just that what we needed to wake up.

This is the time to say yes. To make the changes you were too scared to make. This is a once in a lifetime kinda thing. Don’t let it pass you by.

Her message is so powerful, motivating, and engaging with deep insight. This is a rare moment in our lives where we are in a pause state, able to sit back and create the life we want at work, in relationships, and other aspects of our world. This is the opportunity for you to map out the life you seek and live the life you consciously seek to create. This is the time to say Yes!

2020 has seemed like a series of constant bad news. Krasinski decided to change how people view the world by focusing on how doing good still matters. Similarly, many have adopted a positive perspective about the circumstances we have control over – our attitude and how we respond to change.

If you’re ready to take this time as an opportunity to further your leadership skills, I would love to be on that journey with you, as your coach and as your guide. We can co-create and co-pilot your fuller, more conscious, complete and impactful life. If you reflect back in a few years from now, you can unequivocally share with others that you chose to act by moving forward to more ‘Yes’ in your life. You can create and live that conscious intentional life! We all can and I suspect this is especially true for the 21-year-old gal who wrote the beautiful piece.

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