Each service listed was developed over a 30 year period and tested for impact on culture. These customizable approaches are a system that support organizations to use culture as a key component for success. Even effective organizations, regardless of industry and size, cannot stand idle. They will be surpassed by competitors who are willing to stay in the loop of continuous feedback, learning and improvement. It is YOUR best retention strategy – millennials are 20 times more likely to stay when there is a clearly defined culture and they feel the Culture-fit.

Conscious Culture Packages

Design and Listen

Design and Listen to YOUR Culture

If you ask 10 employees what the vision, mission and values are, in most organizations you will likely have only a few of the staff get the “correct” answer. This is a strong indicator that the vision, mission and values need to be reviewed. If leaders and employees do not know the behaviors and values and/or are not exhibiting them, you do not have an intentional conscious culture. A key approach in growing your intentional culture is through leadership team offsite meetings that bring everyone together to define “who the organization is and how it should behave”. Only when there is complete buy in and alignment can the leadership team fully articulate and share the desired direction.

At the Conscious Culture Group®, we facilitate leadership team offsite meetings that lead to YOUR unique and clear vision, mission, values and behaviors.

Specifically, you will receive:

    • Facilitated leadership team meetings focused on vision, mission, values and behaviors.
    • Confidential individual leader meetings taking a deep dive into what is working and not working within the leadership team and culture.
    • Confidential employee group interviews to deeply understand the employee experience.
    • Customized conscious culture survey that identifies strengths of the culture and gaps between the leadership’s desires and the employee experience.
    • Facilitated culture group meetings that take deep dives into the culture survey results understanding both the survey results and key unstated insights.


Develop Leaders and Managers to excel in YOUR culture

Too often leadership development and manager training programs are interesting and fun but they do not change behavior since they are not tied to and reinforced by the culture. Based on the belief that every culture is unique, the best method to drive leadership member’s capabilities is define the conscious culture and tie the development to that culture. It is not unusual to hear that the defined culture includes an intention like empowerment, yet the skills associated with empowerment are neither taught nor exhibited on a daily basis.

One valuable resource used in the assessment is a culture-specific survey that has the capability to identify strengths and challenges managers have in the culture. Another effective resource is to use an outsourced unbiased consultant to take deep dives into the employee experience through focus groups and/or one-on-one interviews.

Specifically, you will receive:


    • Leadership 360 electronic feedback tool implemented for top executives.
    • 360 interview of boss, peers and direct reports for executives.
    • Trait and personality assessments to understand natural tendencies.
    • Intensive executive coaching for top executives using the 360 results, trait assessments and culture benchmarks.


    • Thoughtful assessment of manager training needs using the culture survey, focus groups, interviews and by understanding the conscious culture through the leadership lens.
  • Manager skill development training tied to YOUR unique culture that can include:

        • Crucial Conversations
        • Resolve Conflict
        • Provide Actionable Feedback
        • Build Strong Teams
        • Lead Change
        • Mentor and Coach Others
        • Hold Teams Accountable
        • Build Emotional Intelligence
        • Create Vulnerability through DISC, MBTI and other self-revealing assessments

Other culture-specific training available. Please contact us at [email protected] for a discussion on the culture-specific training you desire.


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4 Stages of Conscious Culture

Every once in a while you meet a person with the ability to listen, absorb and understand.  Russ is that person.  He is extremely intuitive and, as a result, is able to relate to people after limited interactions which better enables him to build rapport and provide guidance.  He is respectful, sincere and trustworthy.  We have found him to be very effective in coaching us with our corporate culture as well as communication.  I would highly recommend Russ to anyone who is looking to move their corporate culture to the next level.

Dori Hamilton
Executive Vice President, Chief Banking Officer

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