1 Minute Leadership Survey On Company Culture Awareness and Impact

Company culture is now understood to be a significant influencer in organizational success as reflected in a recent Harvard Business Review cover story. Please complete the one minute five-question leadership survey measuring the degree to which leaders believe:

  • their culture is effective
  • they can impact culture
  • their culture is understood by employees

Include your email at the end of the survey and you will receive a concise report summarizing the survey results plus concrete steps that can be taken to further define and influence culture. The report will also allow you to compare your survey responses to your peer responses.

Thank you!

  • TrueSomewhat TrueNeither True nor FalseSomewhat FalseFalse
    Employees can describe our unique intentional culture.
    Our culture is a competitive advantage.
    It is my job as a leader to build the culture.
    Our culture attracts and retains the best talent.
    I know how to change the culture.