Russ did a great job figuring me out, then helping me figure myself out — and that has led to real change in the way I interact with others, both at work and in my personal life. One thing that stood out was his ability to role play situations, giving me new and better ways to interact with others.

Frank Leahy - VP, Performance Engineering - Salesforce

I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Russ as my executive coach. He’s truly gifted in his approach to coaching: Russ’ deep empathy for the human condition and active listening skills meant I always felt heard – while his years of organizational experience meant he was able to offer his own insights and perspective when invited. The work we did together was transformational as I was offered a much deeper sense of my own professional purpose which will pay dividends for the rest of my career

Noah Richardson - VP, User Experience - Salesforce

Russ is a empathetic listener and has a good knack at peeling the metaphorical onion about your strengths, worries and fears. He equips you with the right methods to overcome obstacles and bad habits to become an effective leader. I highly recommend Russ if you are looking for someone to help you grow as a leader.

Vinodh Poyyapakkam - Senior Director, Risk Management - WePay

With Russ’s guidance, experience and insight, my team now has the means and the confidence to proceed with a plan to drive high performance culture into our company. I very much look forward to seeing the impact of this effort unfold for the benefit of all interested parties, customers, employees and investors alike.

Don Macloed - CEO - Applied Motion Products

It was a pleasure watching you guide our staff through the process of creating the culture they want to work in – it had such value. At the debriefing, many staff stated it was a highlight of their day. Thank you!

Mary Lou Johnson

Russ really hit the ground running within our organization, but of course not without doing his due diligence & meeting with every department within our company. He has an amazing way about him & the calm needed to make everyone feel very comfortable in his presence. He has brought great insight into our company & I truly look forward to the challenges he brings next. I highly recommend Russ to help assess & develop a winning culture within any organization.

Adam Beck - CEO - Beck’s Shoes

Over the last two decades, I have had the pleasure and honor of having worked beside some of the best consultants serving the Financial Services sector in the country, and Russ Elliot is clearly one of the best of the best. His ability to quickly grasp challenges facing management, understanding their cultural restrains, and developing workable solutions is nothing short of remarkable. I would give him my strongest recommendation and hopefully I will be working with him again.

L.T. (Tom) Hall - CEO & Transformational Change Leader - Resurgent Performance, Inc.

I highly recommend to any leader who would like coaching. Russ is especially adept at coaching Sr. HR leaders. He’s walked the walked and knows the inner workings of the challenges we are faced with daily. Russ always approached our conversations with a steady rudder. You can count on Russ! He’s someone I plan on keeping in my corner for the rest of my professional career.

Haley Friary - Vice President, Global Human Resources

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Russ is his listening skills and ability to relate and understand people. I can say he is a proven leader and ambassador of “culture”. He is an accomplished leader, a talented professional and has great depth of understanding of company culture and what it takes to create an “open” work environment that supports collaboration.

Sanjay Vadlamani - Mentor - GrowthX Academy

I had the opportunity to work directly with Russ during a significant change in the organization design and implementation, moving from a centralized to regional model. Russ led the initiative that moved authority and empowerment closer to the client and customer interfacing members of the bank. This complex collaboration from the C-level on down was executed with minimal disruption and met the strategic growth goals of the bank.

Dan Pistone - Senior Vice President, Business Line Director - Technology & Energy and Infrastructure

Russ is a talented and resourceful individual who consistently and successfully employs creative and collaborative problem-solving approaches to the issues at hand. Russ is a perceptive and dedicated professional – I very much enjoy working with him and would recommend him to others without hesitation.

Ernie Malaspina - Attorney, Shareholder - Hopkins & Carley